Accessibility Needs

Newcastle Connections sees many groups within the Community interact with our Services and Experiences, one of which are individuals with Accessibility Needs. This group is one of the largest sectors within the business, and it’s clear to see why – Newcastle Connections caters to all reasonable client needs. We offer facilities that are accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities, something we pride ourselves on. This source of motivation sees us used time and time again by clients with needs, and what marks us differently from other Hunter Transport companies. Our team aim to accurately provide a service to all clientele that delivers confidence and reassurance when travelling with us. Newcastle Connections provides a safe and easy-to-access environment to suit all reasonable requirements a client may have.


Thinking of booking with Newcastle Connections?


We ask that if you or someone within your travel party has any Accessibility Needs, that these are discussed when booking. Our Booking Team can directly handle all requirements before you board with our Drivers.

Hearing Loss


Our vehicles include clearly defined signage throughout for those with Hearing or Sight Impairments, making necessary safety points easier to understand. Staff and drivers use visual cues when face to face, and are happy to respond to inquiries via email. This makes interactions with a Hearing Impaired individual as helpful as possible. All communication being relayed to them via email or in person is as it would be to other clientele.


Vehicle Accessibility


For those that may need a little extra room, we offer our IMax van. This vehicle seats up to 12 people, with ample space for movement and luggage. For clients with limited movement, say a bad back or stiff joints, we recommend the use of our Eco-Friendly Prius. This vehicle is easy to get in and out of, with fantastic body support.


Wheelchair Users


Although our vehicles are not fitted with a lift, we are still happy to accommodate those bound to a wheelchair. Our Drivers successfully store all equipment during client Transfer, and with their permission, aiding clients into a seat nearest the exit.


Toilet Facilities


Whilst travelling onboard our Shared Service, we offer clients one toilet break along their journey. This ensures that our Drivers keep to a strict schedule. This will usually be timed halfway through your travel schedule. Your driver will happily allocate 20 minutes for all passengers to stretch their legs and use the designated facilities. We ask that this time is strictly used for a Toilet break, we do not allow meal purchases within such a tight window of time.


Service Animals


We welcome all Service Animals on-board our Services, as we understand that this is an integral element for some individual’s wellbeing and daily routine. We do ask that you bring all necessary equipment that your Service Animal may need along the way, such as a water bowl, disposable bags and a leash.


Newcastle Connections provides the following to all that interact with our brand:

  • Staff education upon Accessibility Issues, including informed views, behaviour and attitudes.
  • Services that have reasonable access levels, ensuring all clientele with a need have access to them and are able to participate.
  • Promote access to employment and education for those with a disability.
  • Opportunities for consultation are given to those with an accessible need.
  • A point of contact for those with an accessible need.